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Astoria Cove: Going with the Flow of Waterfront Development

Astoria Cove Queens
Image Courtesy of STUDIO V Architecture

Waterfront development has been steadily making its way along the shores of Brooklyn and Queens over the last handful of years. The East River waterfront of Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island City have all seen or are seeing a wave of development wash upon the shorelines, welcoming new buildings, often in the form of luxury condos or rentals. Now, this seemingly unstoppable wave is landing in Astoria in the form of a one-million-square foot mixed-use development called Astoria Cove.

Astoria: New York City’s Hidden Gem for Luxury Apartments

NYC View from Astoria

To most, Astoria is not known for luxury living. The traditionally middle class neighborhood has remained somewhat low key, even during a period of time that has seen other traditionally working class neighborhoods like the Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Long Island City become popular locations for luxury rental apartments. While these neighborhoods continue to grow in popularity, as well as cost, there’s one lively, diverse neighborhood in New York City that has all the potential in the world, not to mention luxury apartments, that no one seems to be talking about—Astoria.