Apartment rentals New York with The Civic Center

New York by Frank Gehry Energizes Civic Center

New York by Gehry has changed the way people think about the Civic Center.If you build it, they will come. New York, by Frank Gehry, has proved that an exceptional building will be successful regardless of its location. Developers have recognized the success of Gehry’s building, which is now an iconic part of Manhattan’s skyline, and are looking into not only the Civic Center micro-neighborhood but other underrated neighborhoods for new apartment buildings. Location and status have traditionally been the defining features of Manhattan real estate, but Frank Gehry’s 76-story residential building at 8 Spruce Street presents a challenge to the convention that you have to rent an apartment in a trendy neighborhood.

Time to Get Familiar With Manhattan's Best Micro-Neighborhoods

Micro-neighborhood Two Bridges offers great Manhattan apartmentsMost renters of Manhattan apartments are always looking for that unique deal that somehow slips under the radar. After all, it only takes one golden opportunity to land the place of your dreams, even in the ultra-competitive Manhattan rental market. At a time like this, it's especially important to know every last nook of the Manhattan real estate world. So if you want to find an ideal Manhattan rental apartment, don’t overlook Manhattan’s micro-neighborhoods, especially the ones that aren't getting a lot of attention right now. But between Manhattan’s many micro-neighborhoods, the deals are abundant. We at Luxury Rentals Manhattan decided to do an overview of some of the best micro-neighborhoods in Manhattan.