Apartment rentals New York with 70 Pine Street

Sign a Lease at 70 Pine Street, Receive Two Months Free Rent

A photograph of 70 Pine the year it was built.

Art deco landmark 70 Pine is offering 2 months free rent to all new leases, for a limited time only.

Rentals Make NYC Go ‘Round

Residents of New York City are changing their mindset about the rental industry. “Major U.S. cities are seeing a boost in the number of renters in comparison to homeowners”. There has been increasing demand for rental apartments suggesting that buying may not always be the best option. Mortgage rates are at a historic low, and yet many do not have funds which provides allure for renting.

70 Pine Street Luxury Rentals Revealed

70 Pine Street Luxury Rentals

Though office-to-residential conversions have certainly been popular in recent years, it’s not every day that a landmarked skyscraper is turned into luxury apartments. Rumors of the vacant 70 Pine Street floated for years, but the details have finally been released.