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New Luxury Rental Building Coming to Alphabet City

We recently wrote about how Alphabet City in the Lower East Side is attracting lots of new residents, thanks to its cool and cultural vibe. Despite its gritty past, the neighborhood has transformed itself to a hip and trendy one and New Yorkers are eager to be seen and heard around this happening locality. Now, as the value of the neighborhood as a residential haven continues to rise, real estate developer Rash LLC has stepped up and decided to build a new luxury rental building in the area.

Low Rents and Cool Culture Draws Residents to Alphabet City

Despite the seemingly kid-friendly name of Alphabet City, this neighborhood situated within the Lower East Side was, for a long time, known as one of the gritty and grimy neighborhoods of New York City. However, the wild days of Alphabet City have drawn to a close and the neighborhood today has become an increasingly desirable place for young people and families, who are taking advantage of Alphabet City’s transformation into one of Manhattan’s hip, trendy and, most importantly, affordable neighborhoods to live in.

New Construction in Alphabet City Spells Success

When trying to rent a space in a market as competitive as New York City, reputation can oftentimes make or break the deal. Despite a reputation as out of the way and gritty, Alphabet City is proving otherwise, going against the grain and raising areas such as Avenue D to exciting new levels. Perhaps it's the economic pressure created by Manhattan's historically high rents, but many younger renters are turning to Alphabet City to find affordable rentals and are finding that the neighborhood is both hip and safe. Part of the reason that rental apartments in Alphabet City stayed so affordable for so long was that people perceived it as being dangerous, although today that perception is outdated and, frankly, downright false, and has been for years. The 90s saw a shift in the neighborhood environment, and along with these newly restored districts came increasing real estate projects promising to enhance the value of the apartments in Alphabet City.