Apartment rentals New York with Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and John Liu Against Hike in Rents for NYC’s Rent-Stabilized Apartments

Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and John Liu

In the long standing battle between landlords and tenants in New York City, the latter group of New Yorkers seem to have now found an unlikely new set of allies—the city’s mayoral candidates! In a recent public hearing conducted by the Rent Guidelines Board in Manhattan, three of the Democratic candidates for mayor, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Comptroller John Liu, said that they were against a proposed increase in the rents for rent-stabilized apartments in the city.

Could Creating More Luxury Apartments Help Ease New York’s Affordability Crisis?

Creating Luxury Apartments Could Help Mitigate the Affordability Crisis

Since City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has already announced her bid for the mayoral seat once Mayor Mike Bloomberg completes his term, it was no surprise to hear her include some major promises to the electorate in her annual State of the City address on Monday. Her speech, which largely focused on creating better lifestyles for the middle class, touched a good deal on the issue of rising rents in New York City, because of which many people are unable to afford living here.