Apartment rentals New York with New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio's Plan for Mandatory Affordable Apartments

De Blasio and Bloomberg

Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio received a shoutout on Monday from the Bloomberg Administration’s chief of city planning, the Daily News reports. De Blasio supports a plan that would require all new development to have affordable units, which was a topic of converasation.

Coming Soon: Rent Increases for NYC’s Rent-Regulated Apartments

Coming Soon: Rent Increases for NYC’s Rent-Regulated Apartments

Tenants of rent-regulated apartments in New York City will soon have to write out larger checks to their landlords—the Rent Guidelines Board recently approved an increase of at least 4 percent in the rents of the million or so people who currently live in rent-regulated apartments across the city. Starting October 1st, one-year leases for rent-regulated apartments will see a rent increase of 4 percent, while two-year leases will see a rent increase of 7.75 percent.

Related Companies Bans Smoking in All of its 40,000 Rental Units

Related Companies Bans Smoking in All of its 40,000 Rental Units

Ten years ago, Mayor Mike Bloomberg passed a measure that banned smoking in bars and restaurants throughout New York City. It was a move that was heavily criticized at that point of time, with many saying that it would hurt the city’s hospitality industry. But Bloomberg didn’t flinch, and the naysayers were left grumbling as he went on to expand the ban in 2011, which put an end to smokers lighting up in the city’s parks as well. Now, a real estate company seems to have taken a page out of Bloomberg’s grand book of ideas, and has moved to ban smoking from all of its rental apartments across the country.

Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and John Liu Against Hike in Rents for NYC’s Rent-Stabilized Apartments

Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and John Liu

In the long standing battle between landlords and tenants in New York City, the latter group of New Yorkers seem to have now found an unlikely new set of allies—the city’s mayoral candidates! In a recent public hearing conducted by the Rent Guidelines Board in Manhattan, three of the Democratic candidates for mayor, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Comptroller John Liu, said that they were against a proposed increase in the rents for rent-stabilized apartments in the city.

In New York City, Even the Politicians Rent

Anthony Weiner is one of many New York politicians who rent in the city

For a city that’s known for its sheer number of renters, it’s good to know that some of New York City’s most powerful citizens are living in the city as tenants as well. From mayoral hopefuls to sitting Congressmen, there are a number of politicians in New York who are choosing to rent an apartment, instead of buying one. Some of these apartments are rent-stabilized, and others are condominium residences—our politicians seem to be very particular on where they rent in the city.

Could Creating More Luxury Apartments Help Ease New York’s Affordability Crisis?

Creating Luxury Apartments Could Help Mitigate the Affordability Crisis

Since City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has already announced her bid for the mayoral seat once Mayor Mike Bloomberg completes his term, it was no surprise to hear her include some major promises to the electorate in her annual State of the City address on Monday. Her speech, which largely focused on creating better lifestyles for the middle class, touched a good deal on the issue of rising rents in New York City, because of which many people are unable to afford living here.