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The Ten Priciest Rentals Currently on the Market

Anyone who lives or has attempted to live in New York City is quite familiar with the funds it takes to reside in even the smallest studio apartment. According to REIS, the average asking rent has soared to $3,000 for the very first time. For the extravagant lifestyles of some New Yorkers, however, this is chump change. Luxurious tastes call for luxurious homes with rents to match, and these are a few of the most expensive rentals on the market right now.

Here’s Why Now is a Good Time to Rent in Manhattan

Here’s Why Now is a Good Time to Rent in Manhattan

So, here’s the deal: yes, Manhattan is known for having high rents, but if you’ve set your mind on living in only this borough of New York City, now is a good time to score some great deals on apartments here. A report in The Wall Street Journal says that rents in Manhattan declined again last month, thereby making January the fifth consecutive month to see a drop in average rents.

Relocation Therapy: Top 5 Rental Buildings in New York City

Top 5 Rentals in New York City Today

A recent article in The New York Times talked about how New Yorkers dealing with critical situations in their lives have turned to a new kind of therapy to help them deal with it: relocation therapy. As it turns out, moving into a new home has had positive effects on people facing all kinds of tough scenarios. You could be wanting to get away from a messy divorce, or maybe you could be wanting a simple change of place—regardless of the reason, a new address could be just what you need to start your life anew. So if you think you need some relocation therapy in your life, here are five of our top picks on where to get a fabulous new home: