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Astoria’s Boutique Rental Addition: Graffiti House

Just across the East River from Manhattan is the city's largest borough, Queens, which has always held the reputation of being home to diverse neighborhoods, beautiful green spaces, and luxury rentals for a more affordable price than you’ll find in the city. A new addition at 11-07 Welling Court, has recently been completed in Astoria, and apartments in the boutique rental have recently hit the market.

Long Island City Area Rents Surpass Brooklyn's

View of 45-45 Center Boulevard luxury amenities and waterfront location in Long Island City.

Even though Manhattan and Brooklyn are generally considered the most predominant boroughs in NYC’s real estate market, Queens rents saw a notable increase — and in the area around Long Island City, the median rent actually surpassed Brooklyn’s.

Footing the Bill is No Walk in the Park

Luxury Rentals Manhattan - Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is once again the subject of controversy after MLS stadium proposals have kept the park in the headlines for the better part of a year. Though, the discussion isn’t centered on prospective tenants this time, but rather its current ones – primarily, Citi Field and the Mets. Queens’ flagship park is failing to meet cleanliness standards of other similar sized parks, and maintenance is underfunded despite playing host to the New York Mets and the U.S. Open. Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras cites Citi Field’s incredibly low yearly lease of $155,000.

The Reinvention of Long Island City

Long island City Skyline View

If you were to ask someone about their thoughts on Long Island City in the late 80’s and 90’s, a good chance is that their response would’ve mentioned the neighborhood’s high concentration of factories, warehouses and its various forms of transportation such as the Queensboro Bridge, which facilitated industrial and economic growth. Since then, Long Island City has received a “facelift.” Art galleries, commercial businesses and high-end real estate are now making Long Island City their new stomping grounds. LIC is a conglomerate of the youthful, cool and hip spirit of Williamsburg intertwined with the sophistication of Manhattan.

Exclusive Photo: Crane Collapse in Long Island City


Long Island City Crane Collapse - Luxury Rental Manhattan

Around 2:30 PM yesterday, the metal scaffolding and wood planking gave way on a crane at a TF Cornerstone luxury rental site in Long Island City, Queens. The crane collapse comes after another high profile collapse at One57 during Hurricane Sandy in late October. With 7 people injured, this crane collapse puts New York Crane and Equipment Corp. in hot water. Owner James Lomma was tried and acquitted of manslaughter charges in conjunction with a crane collapse in 2008.