Apartment rentals New York with Waterfront Residences

Long Island City Area Rents Surpass Brooklyn's

View of 45-45 Center Boulevard luxury amenities and waterfront location in Long Island City.

Even though Manhattan and Brooklyn are generally considered the most predominant boroughs in NYC’s real estate market, Queens rents saw a notable increase — and in the area around Long Island City, the median rent actually surpassed Brooklyn’s.

Luxury Living at the Brooklyn Bridge

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from 50 Water Street Condos.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s top attractions, as it is a National Historic Monument, and a picturesque piece of the Manhattan skyline. This iconic image is framed in the homes of many people, but few can say their window frames the authentic view. These four luxury apartments are in the perfect location for breathtaking scenes of the Brooklyn Bridge.

More East River Development: LIC's Gantry Park Landing

Gantry Park Landing

In recent years, we’ve seen the major overhaul of the Long Island City waterfront. Luxury buildings now take advantage of the neighborhood’s prime location, one of them being the new Gantry Park Landing at 50-01 2nd Street. The up-and-coming neighborhood has become a popular destination for commuters, as it’s one short stop away from Midtown Manhattan on the 7 train.

The Grass is Greener in Greenpoint

Greenpoint Waterfront

Brooklyn’s northernmost pocket of Greenpoint is fast becoming New York City’s latest hotspot, as hordes of the young and trendy take up residence. Williamsburg’s overspill have found a friendly and affordable alternative that retains all the charms without the hustle and bustle of a community at peak capacity. With a diverse population, fantastic restaurants, and plenty of growth in luxury rental spaces available, such as the Viridian at 110 Green Street, Greenpoint is only lacking in open air recreation to offset the kind of density that’d stifle its character.

Hike in Demand For Long Island City Residences

Hike in Demand for Homes in Long Island City

Although it is one of New York City’s “newer” residential neighborhoods, the real estate scene in Long Island City has been on an upswing for quite some time now. The neighborhood’s luxury housing market in particular has been doing extremely well, with many New Yorkers dismayed by the high rents of apartments in Manhattan looking to Long Island City for more affordable alternatives. However, this increased demand has led to hikes in the rents here as well, with a recent market report saying that Long Island City rentals have seen a $50 monthly rise from their values last year.

Despite Hurricane Sandy, Waterfront Residences Keep Their Sheen

In New York, buildings located near the water are coveted real estate, and New Yorkers have proved willing to shell out big bucks to wake up to  awesome views of the Hudson or the East Rivers. But the numerous problems such waterfront developments had to deal with thanks to last week’s Hurricane Sandy have raised questions about these popular buildings along the water, which include impressive addresses like 200 Water Street and New York by Gehry at 8 Spruce Street. However, both experts in the field and city officials are saying not to worry—these locations have not lost their sheen in the real estate market.